Self-developed profile


While LinkedIn and GitHub are great to present yourself and promote your skills and experience, the most impressive thing to send to a recruiter is your own developed webpage with your portfolio and other relevant information. Not only will it show great motivation, but by making a great webpage, your profile itself is already showing your skills!

Some general advice

  • IF you make your own profile page, make sure to have enough coding knowledge to make a really good one. If you just started coding, wait a little while. It's better to just have LinkedIn and GitHub than having a super basic HTML/CSS self-developed profile.

  • Once created, make sure to have other developers take a look at your page to receive proper feedback, so you can really finetune both the layout as well as the code itself.

  • Any self-developer profile needs to have the following key-information:

    1. Who you are

    2. What you do

    3. Your location

    4. The work you have to share

    5. How to contact you

How to make your own profile?

There are many guides online how to make your own profile, and also with various options where to host it. You can either buy a domain like, or you can host your page on GitHub or Heroku (so you will get like Below you can find some guides to start coding your own profile!

Once you have fully published your own self-developed profile, make sure to add it to your other profiles to showcase it!

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