Only applicable to Web Development students.

The Migracode CodeBuddies project aims to support and encourage students during their Migracode bootcamp, to work towards their successful graduation as Junior Web Developer. We link students who are in need of extra support with developers who have volunteered for the CodeBuddies project. The personal relationship between the student and the instructor is key, and Migracode is in favour of as much flexibility as possible in how this relationship takes shape.

How to start?

How to request a CodeBuddy? Simple! Just fill this form. Once you have filled it, we will contact you as soon as we have found someone, which is usually between 1-2 weeks.


  1. The student will be paired with an instructor, who will provide personal technical support, encouragement and guidance to the student during (part of) their studies. The instructor will be the first contact person for tech questions.

  2. On average, the instructor will make two hours per week available for the student. The student can discuss with the instructor what amount of support is needed.

  3. In case the instructor is not available, the student can find help through the #support-technical channel of the Migracode Slack.

  4. The instructor and student can decide together when and where they meet: in person or remote, at Open Cultural Center, in the open space of Elevador ( that is available to Migracode (to be coordinated with Henriette), or in a public space over a cup of coffee, for example. Covid regulations must be respected at all times.

  5. If you as the CodeBuddy team feel much more support is needed than the Codebuddy can offer, you can discuss this with Henriette.

  6. If a different kind of support is needed, we can contact the Mental Health Team of Migracode through Vincent. Depending on their availability, you could receive additional support through them.

  7. We are very happy that volunteer instructors invest their time in supporting our students. From our students, we expect commitment and responsible behaviour: be on time, let the instructor know if you cannot be on time for a meeting, and be open and honest about your doubts and problems so that you can benefit the most from the CodeBuddy support.

  8. This project is a new initiative and we welcome any feedback you can give us. It is important for Migracode to offer the best possible support, so please feel free to contact us about anything you feel would help to improve the project.

  9. Henriette will organise an initial meeting to introduce the student and the instructor to each other, explain the project, and answer questions. For each buddy team, a private Slack channel will be created. You can contact your buddy through this channel. Vincent and Henriette will be added to the channel as well.

  10. The Migracode team will support each CodeBuddy team in every way possible. Henriette is the Project Manager of CodeBuddies and your primary contact. You can contact her via Slack @Henriette, or email Vincent and Carlos can be contacted in case Henriette is not available.

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