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Student Services

We have various forms of additional support on top of the educational support to offer:
Always feel free to contact our internal social worker - Vincent -, with whom you can talk to about any personal issues you may have or encounter during the duration of your MigraCode course. You can make an appointment through Slack. He can also get you in touch with our internal therapists. There may be a waiting list.
If you are still in the process of arranging your visa, work permit, NIE or other documentation, contact Vincent to get you in touch with our external lawyers. There may be a waiting list.
We have a specific program for our female students. You will be automatically added to the CodeWomen channel on Slack where we will share all the information you need. You can contact Henriette on Slack for more information.
If you struggle a lot with the materials, we can assign a specific ‘CodeBuddy’ to you - a volunteer that will help you on a regular and personal basis. If you need this, just send a message to Vincent or Henriette on Slack.
You can access free online language lessons in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Catalan at the Language Lab. The Language Lab also organises regular language exchange events, and you can find a Language Buddy too! To join, just send a message to Charlotte Lloyd via Slack.
We have two options if you cannot study well at home. Both options are free and can be used based on availability. All you need to do is sign-up accordingly beforehand and be there.