Legal Support

Being a migrant in Europe/Spain/Catalunya/Barcelona can be challenging, especially considering it may put you in a complicated situation regarding your legal status. You may need to apply for asylum, or for other potential procedures to receive a work permit and/or a residency status.

What do we offer?

In order to point you in the right direction, MigraCode has some volunteers who have basic to advanced legal knowledge, and they can give you useful information that you may not be able to find yourself on the internet or through public institutions. Some examples of what our volunteers can try to help you with:

  • Obtaining Arraigo Social

  • Support with the process of Pareja de Hecho

  • Support with asylum request procedures

  • Writing legal requests and/or appeals

  • Other support related to legal processes

Please note that offering legal support is very difficult since the migration systems in Europe are very complicated. Our volunteers will try to point you in the right direction, but keep in mind no-one knows all the answers.

Sometimes we can get in touch with pro-bono lawyers who are maybe able to help, but they cannot take you as a case - they can only give advice.

How to start?

To request help, simply fill this form. Depending on the waiting list, we will try to put you in touch with a volunteer through Slack, email or phone.

We get quite a lot of requests for this service. Please keep in mind there may be a waiting list which may take a few weeks, as for each request we are manually trying to link you up to a legal volunteer. If in the meantime your question is answered, please let us know by messaging Vincent on Slack!

More advanced help

If you need more help after receiving advice from our volunteers, you probably need to get in touch with a private lawyer (if you didn't one assigned by the Spanish state). This can be hard and expensive, so we have collected some good options for you based on the experience of other students with these lawyers:

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