Language Support

English is a global language and is a requirement for many tech jobs in Spain – even if the job is in Spanish. For this reason, students at MigraCode need a minimum level of English to get them through the course. Luckily, you can access free English lessons at the Language Lab and Oxford House!

Spanish or Catalan are also often a requirement in tech jobs in Barcelona. The Language Lab also offers lessons for local languages, so you can get the support you need!

Where and how?

Open Cultural Center, our host organization, offers free language lessons at the Language Lab. You can join Spanish, English, Arabic and Catalan classes taught by dedicated native-speaking volunteers, and be part of an amazingly diverse community. There are 2 levels for each language: beginner (A1 - A2) and intermediate (B1 - B2). The Language Lab also organises language exchange events, and runs Language Buddies, so you can practice in many different ways according to your preference!

Additionally, we have a collaboration with Oxford House, a language school in Barcelona that offers free English classes to MigraCode students via their English Eco course. These courses are run by teachers in training from their Cambridge CELTA course. They last 3 months and are a great way to practise different skills while listening to different accents, and meeting people from all over the world.

How to join?

Have a look at the options below to see which one suits you best:

Free English, Spanish, Catalan & Arabic classes at the Language Lab by Open Cultural Center

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Free English classes at Oxford House Barcelona

pageOxford House

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