Slack Information

Slack is our main communication tool. Any help you need or any questions you have: communicate them via Slack! Many tech companies also use Slack and it’s a huge advantage to have Slack skills when you apply for jobs in tech.

An introduction video

Main Channels in the MigraCode Slack

  • Class channel (i.e. #jan2021-1-en) The one we use to share information for your group and that we use during the classes

  • #all-students Useful news messages specifically for MigraCode students

  • #general General news messages for everyone that is part of MigraCode (students, volunteers, staff)

  • #support-coding To ask for technical help with your homework

  • #support-employability To ask for help with improving your CV/LinkedIn/Etc.

  • #random Jokes, memes and nice articles or videos!

  • #recreation-activities Not used now due to Covid, but soon to be used to organise nice activities together

  • #job-offers-junior Not to be used in the beginning of MigraCode but after a few months we'll use it to find job opportunities

How to ask for help in #support-coding

How to ask for help

When you ask something here, always make sure that you:

  • Describe what you are trying to do/achieve, and in which exercise/project

  • Include details about what you have tried already

  • Write your question in a clear and understandable way (preferably in English, but in Spanish is also allowed)

  • Include the relevant parts of the code where you are getting the error/issue and always include any error codes you have received

  • Use code snippets (ctrl / cmd + shift + c) to share your code to make it readable for humans

  • Use (shift + enter) to pass to the next line

Question templates

In case you receive errors or things that go wrong during exercises, so short questions that can probably be solved in a chat, you can write your question as follows:

  • Hello + I need help with [issue description] + screenshot/error message/etc. + what you have already tried to do + potential solutions you already found.

If you feel lost, if you missed things or if you need some extra support in understand the materials, you can write your question as follows:

  • Hello + I need help with [issue description] + proposal for time period you could have a call.

Please don’t hesitate to make use of asking questions here! You can also have a look at previous questions of other students to see what are good approaches to asking for help.

Useful Slack tips

  • Use THREADS (Hilos) to reply to messages, and find replies to your active threads on the top right (a nice video with more details here)

  • Put a clear display name and a clear profile picture (info on how to edit your profile here)

  • Confirm messages by leaving an Emoji (how to do so check here)

  • I will save important messages by adding them to 'Pinned Items' (more info how to find them here)

  • Create a private/direct message with the round button on the top left of the screen (more info here)

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