Team meetings

Team Kick-off Meeting

know the members

talk about the project

Write user stories

Use of Trello

Development Kick-off Meeting

Prioritize Trello cards for the first sprint

Assign cards to team members

Create project skeleton->link to first steps

Create branches and check each member can commit changes

React components: start with the generic components, the ones that will be in different pages

Back-end: start with the database and the Node Integration

Team Weekly Meetings

We’re going to run the final projects in weekly “sprints”, planning out what we’re going to do as teams and as individuals. Each week will therefore look something like:

  • Daily standup: post a daily message in the team Slack channel to let the rest of the team know what you’re working on, what progress you’ve made (even, and perhaps especially, if it’s none so far) and share anything that’s blocking you. Set a time for this and stick to it. Afterwards, post a team summary in the main class channel.

  • Mid-week check-in: you should have at least one Slack call with the whole team and a mentor during the week to sync on progress, escalate any blockers and make sure that you’re still heading in the right direction.

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