💻Web Development Course

This is the complete syllabus and course material for the web development course of MigraCode Barcelona. It is based on the syllabus from CodeYourFuture, HackYourFuture and other resources. This syllabus does not only include the coding course, but also all other information for students.

During the course you will learn a technology stack that helps you build anything from a simple website to a powerful database-driven web application or even a mobile app!

If you are familiar with MigraCode yet and you're interested in joining the program, please refer to the main MigraCode Barcelona website.

Overall Course Content


  • Core JavaScript

  • Backend development using NodeJS

  • Modern front-end development with React

  • Databases

We’ll complement the training with workshops on modern software methodologies and job interview practices, etc. A simplified overview of our curriculum can be found here, including other details of our course.

Our program in one video

Our learning objectives in detail

Technical skills:

  • Lean to understand and use the following coding languages on a medium to advanced level: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, NodeJS and Databases

  • Learn how to use Git and the Command Line, and also how to use the related GitHub platform

  • Learn how to use project management tools such as Trello, Slack and Cloud Services

  • Learn how to think in algorithms and how to search for solutions

Job-seeking skills:

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn and how to benefit most from this platform

  • Learn how to prepare and go through an interview process to get hired by a professional IT company

  • Learn how to create and design a professional CV/Resume

General soft skills:

  • Learn how to work in a team under supervision of a mentor

  • Learn how to communicate effectively through professional communication training

  • Learn how to work with people from different cultures and nationalities

  • Learn how to cope with work-related stress and how to plan ahead

  • Learn how to be proactive in asking things and approaching people

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