Online networking


Once you have created your online profiles and you have them fully setup as described in the previous sections, you can't just leave them there. You will need to be actively engaging with these networks, ideally on a daily or weekly basis. Don't worry: this is quite easy, as these networks are made exactly for that!

Connecting to the right people

With MigraCode members

The easiest people to start connecting to on LinkedIn and GitHub are those you already know from MigraCode: your fellow students, the volunteers and the management of MigraCode! You can add them or give them a follow, and probably they will join your networks soon enough. If you don't know them that well, make sure to include a message when you add them on LinkedIn.

Give it a try, starting adding:

With recruiters

Even if you're not a full stack web developer or advanced tech support agent yet, you can already start building a network of recruiters on LinkedIn that could potentially share interesting jobs with you, or contact you once they see you have completed MigraCode or other relevant courses! Just make sure to introduce yourself properly and provide some context when you send them an invite.

Give it a try, start adding:

With other people

Don't limit yourself those recruiters out there: add your friends, old colleagues, sports buddies and basically everyone you know: job offers and possibilities can come from the most strange directions! Maybe you add an old friend on LinkedIn, who knows the HR Manager of a tech company, and you can be connected! So don't hesitate to go the 'My Network' page of LinkedIn and start sending those invites. For GitHub, you can search by username/full name via this page.

It may seem a bit like how Facebook is used by 16-year old kids: adding as much people as you can.. But this is indeed a bit true as well! A big LinkedIn network creates a big reach when you share you are searching for a job (or anything else, see below), and can lead you to new, interesting connections that can get you that first job.


On any professional online network, it's important to stay active and share and interact with your network and potential new connections. You can do this by simply liking and commenting to posts of others or of posts of companies, but even better is sharing your own posts with content. Below you can find some examples of what you can share!

Sharing accomplishments

Whether you finally graduated from MigraCode, or maybe just finished the first HTML/CSS module, share it! Show your progress to your network, and keep potential future employees or interested recruiters up-to-date with the skills you are developing. Who knows, maybe after finally finishing the React module of MigraCode, a recruiter suddenly finds you more interesting!

Whether you visited a tech event and have some cool pictures, or you read a great article about the future of coding (for example), it's always good to share this as well. LinkedIn is no Instagram, but as long as it's career-related, feel free to share a cool picture related to your job search or to coding/tech!

Sharing your projects

Last but not least, don't be afraid to show off your hard work! Whether it's your first Codepen page made with HTML and CSS, or it's the draft of your Final Project, share it as an update on LinkedIn or put it as a public repository on GitHub. Explain people what you have done and how you have done it, and spark the interested of a recruiter or impress a CEO!

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