Language Lab

The Language Lab, Open Cultural Center's language school, offers free Spanish, Arabic, English and Catalan classes to all MigraCode students.

What they offer:

  • Free of charge

  • Arabic, Spanish, English and Catalan classes

  • A1 to B2 (beginners and intermediate, no advanced)

  • Fully online

  • 2 classes of 1H every week

  • Bi-monthly language exchange events

  • Language Buddies

How to apply?

Step 1

Fill in this form. The Language Lab team at Open Cultural Center will contact you.

Step 2

You will be invited to the Language Lab Slack workspace, which is where all communication between students, teachers, and the Language Lab team takes place. Don't forget to upload a picture, make sure your name is spelt correctly, and join the first class where you will receive information about the course.

Language exchange events

Follow Open Cultural Center on Meetup to hear about the events organised by the Language Lab. In general, there are 2 language exchanges every month, and these events are open to everyone.

For reminders and practical information about language exchanges, join the Language Lab WhatsApp group.

If you are in the Language Lab Slack, you can also check the #exchange channel.

Language Buddies

Through the Language Lab, you can also register as a Language Buddy!

If you would like to practice a language with a native speaker, improve your language skills through one-on-one conversations, or help someone else with the language they are learning, this is a great option.

You will be matched with someone else from the Language Lab's multicultural language community, and you can start immediately.

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