💼Finding a job

MigraCode offers you many things (see the Student Services section), but obviously the main things are free education and supporting you with finding your first job in technology. While we will give you much help, there are also MANY things you can do on your own to find that first job, and you can start with this on DAY 1 of your MigraCode course.

IMPORTANT: Also with all the tips and do's on the following pages, you are not alone! Feel free to ask for help in the #support-employability channel in our Slack workspace to get help setting up profiles or learning more about the information shared here.

Putting yourself out there: self-branding

To start: being visible online is a MUST, for recruiters to find you while at the same time being able to apply for jobs directly. If you're shy to promote yourself, you need to let it go, at least while you are searching for jobs and building a professional network online! We consider three types of profiles a must: LinkedIn, GitHub and a self-developed one (a webpage). Find more information below for each profile type.


Making use of online platforms: start networking!

Once you have created your online profiles and you have them fully setup as described in the previous sections, you can't just leave them there. You will need to be actively engaging with these networks, ideally on a daily or weekly basis. Don't worry: this is quite easy, as these networks are made exactly for that!

pageOnline networking

Don't make them come for you: join events and job fairs

You can do all the things perfectly online and have your profiles ready and active - nothing works as good as just meeting people in-person and just talking directly to recruiters and other company representatives. You can always add them on LinkedIn and GitHub later!

pageEvents & job fairs

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