Call for project ideas


What we can do in the final projects is a simple version of a Web Application, that we can call "Minimum Valuable Product (MVP)" or prototype.

To think about the idea and scope to develop, we need to have in mind the following points:

What we do not as a final project:

Projects for NGO's and third parties

At MigraCode try to find interesting, tech-for-good projects for that stretch the abilities of our students whilst helping an NGO or Charity solve a problem they are facing.

Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Third parties focused on improve people lives are not indifferent to digitalization and start to increase their investment to technology. In almost every aspect of life and work, we can see the effects, institutions cannot be independent of this 'digital life', with new habits brought by digitalization. Every time more, digitalization is fundamental for NGOs and third parties to cover their processes and optimize human resources.

What MigraCode offers to NGOs, is a tool to improve the performance, covering manual processes done by email, in an Excel Sheet or in a paper. Like:

  • Look and register new volunteers and assign them

  • Web Page with forms that users can fill, and there is a process to do with the information

  • A typical process that now is done in an Excel sheet, and it is not enough

Go to List of Projects to see a complete list of proposals

Submit your idea

  1. Fill this Google Form Project Idea.

  2. Complete all the required fields and provide as much information as possible.

  3. Send a confirmation email to or a message on Slack to @yogi

Your obligations

Once your project has been selected by the students you should:

  1. Prepare product specifications in detail: prepare a speech to explain to the team your project idea and vision, and all the documents, links, etc, that can be helpful for the team

  2. Join the Kick-off Meeting: Check the calendar of the assigned course and join the Kick-off meeting

  3. Answer product questions: the team has a Slack channel (if you don't know it is like a Whatsapp for teams) to talk offline during the week, so they can make you questions about the project or ask for a team meeting if needed

Student's Project Ideas

Some students may have some ideas about projects that they would like to complete for their Final Project. Before the Final Project starts, ideas should be gathered and fully specified before the start of the first week.

A good project should:

  • Show all of the skills the student has learnt at MigraCode so far

  • Be large enough that four people can work on it for 6 weeks and still have work to do

  • Be something that the student is passionate about

  • Be innovative and could have a future use

  • Be interesting to employers

  • Solve a real world problem that you have faced in the past or at MigraCode

Submit your idea

  1. Fill this Google Form Student Project Idea

  2. Complete all the required fields and provide as much information as possible.

  3. Send a confirmation email to or a message on Slack to @yogi

Selection of project ideas

After gathering the projects description from NGOs and students, Migracode Team, mentors and students will vote the best projects to achieve, giving priority to NGOs and social impact projects.

Project Proposals List


  • Rutas de ciclismo, by Valeria Ailen: A website where cyclist can upload a route, and include a description, pictures, useful information, safety info and more, and other cyclist can then view these routes and download the GPX files or save the description etc.

  • Migrant solidarity network, by Burçak Kök: A website based on Barcelona, that collect all the information migrants need (about legal stuff, health, social events, courses etc.) in one place. The goal of the project is to have the updated informations in one platform and improve it with solidarity and make communities more connected.

  • NeedIt?, by Angel Luis Matos lopez: Recycling is really important this days, to many things are throw away, PCs, washing machine, a table, baby clothes, toys, dishes or even a small spoon, the idea of my app is to use that and give it to those who need it.

  • HireMigrants, by Arturo Chavez: A website which specializes in hiring migrants of all profiles but not only tell your work experience but you can also write where you are from, your dreams, your motivations, etc.

  •, by Isar: A website where people who found lost pets upload a picture and description (animal, color, contact info, location...) and people who lost their pets can search for their pets using the description. Possibility to add features for pet-sitting and giving away pets.


  •, by Diego Vargas: Website/App focused on young solo travelers helping them meet new people during their trip with whom they can explore their destinations.

  •, by Wendy Andrade: For those people who are entering the world of job search for the first time, and also to help immigrants to have an idea of how to create a CV.

  • 24X7,E-Commerce, by Amritpal Kaur: A website in which products will be deliver round the clock. It will help people to get essential products whenever required and it will be a good platform for 24X7 vendors.

  •, by Bianca Inga: A housework organizer for people living together. It will help people sharing a house to organize better and improve their living situation.

  •, by Said ouhmmou: The idea is if people see someone struggling or in need they will make registration of that person data and the organizations they will locate him/her to give help that needs for example if the person is homeless the Charities that offer dorm to sleep or food they will take care of that case.

  • Proximity Network, by Francisco: Website that facilitates users to find stores that only sell organic products that were produced locally. Users are also able to know how and where these products were made.

  • LikesMenu, by José Tomás Cardozo Oven: A website with a super administrator function for multi restaurants and bars, that is, restaurants and bars will be able to register as users and upload their menus. It will be a web application, the registration of users will have the approval of the super administrator by email. The menus will have videos and diners will be able to self-manage their orders.


  •, by Antonio Leonardo Pérez Pereira: (Instagram, Youtube) A website of a pastry startup with a web catalog, where you design your own personalized cake and have a budget based on characteristics and pre-defined ingredients such as sizes, types of cakes, etc.

  •, by Enia Munteanu: Platform to track food wastage, how much food we buy and in the end - how much remains untouched. The app would allow people/families that are struggling to connect and receive food when needed just by making a profile and logging in the app.

  •, by Leon Cangini: A platform to search people who are already registered and want to share knowledge of their own profession for free, through online conversation or meeting.

  • Our Playlist, by Elialba Rendiles: An app that works with Spotify API to connect people through their musical taste, where users can chat, talk about songs like lyrics background, comments, song know-how, etc.

  • Amigo Mio - OCC, by Ali Raza Ashraf: Amigo Mio is a project of Open Cultural Center ( Parent Organization of MigraCode). Amigo Mio is an art book of children from Refugee center. This project is going to give preview of the book and encourage users to make a purchase/donation.

  • SOS Racisme Catalunya: It is a project from an ONG to recreate their old website using modern technologies such as React with an improved UI. It is a pilot project and if the ONG like it and approve it then it will be extended after final project and might offer some kind of remuneration (pay).

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