This is the first time we will build a software product, but how do we start? Do we create a file in Visual Studio and write the first lines of code? Do we draw and write everything like in a building plan before start coding?

Build a software product doesn't require the same specification as a building, but you will have to make some questions before start coding, like:

  1. What are the requirements?

  2. What budget/time/resources do we have to do it?

  3. How could be the product to give an answer to those requirements?

Software development life cycle

Waterfall model

Agile Methodologies


SCRUM is an Agile Methodology


  • Product Owner:

  • Development Team:

  • Scrum Master:


  • Scrum Task Board:

  • Product Backlog:

  • Sprint Backlog:


  • Sprint Planning:

  • Sprint Review

  • Sprint Retrospective

Final Project Phases

The main work phases are:

  1. Requirements Analysis & Design

  2. Planning

  3. Development

  4. Testing

  5. Presentation

To these phases we will apply SCRUM


  • Product Owner: the client or the idea's owner

  • Development Team: the developers

  • Scrum Master: the instructor


  • Scrum Task Board: we will use Trello

  • Product Backlog: column with all functionalities we would like to have in our product

  • Sprint Backlog: column with all functionalities we would like to finish during a Sprint


  • Sprint Planning:

  • Sprint Review

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