Call for project ideas


What we can do in the final projects is a simple version of a Web Application, that we can call "Minimum Valuable Product (MVP)" or prototype.

To think about the idea and scope to develop, we need to have in mind the following points:

  • We have only 6 weeks to work in the project to develop the project

  • The main objective of the final project, is learning and put into practice the Web Development concepts they acquired (front-end, back-end and databases).

  • The output of the project, could be a tool that improves a process in the organization or a new idea, that can register information through different forms, with different types of users and different functionalities.

What we do not as a final project:

  • Native mobile application for Android or i-Phone. What we can generally do are responsive Web Applications, that could be visited from a Mobile or a Desktop.

  • Web Sites. A Web Site that can be done with wordpress is not the objective of the Web Development course,

Projects for NGO's and third parties

At MigraCode try to find interesting, tech-for-good projects for that stretch the abilities of our students whilst helping an NGO or Charity solve a problem they are facing.

Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Third parties focused on improve people lives are not indifferent to digitalization and start to increase their investment to technology. In almost every aspect of life and work, we can see the effects, institutions cannot be independent of this 'digital life', with new habits brought by digitalization. Every time more, digitallization is fundamental for NGOs and third parties to cover their processes and optimize human resources.

What MigraCode offers to NGOs, is a tool to improve the performance, covering manual processes done by email, in an Excel Sheet or in a paper. Like:

  • Look and register new volunteers and assign them

  • Webpage with forms that users can fill, and there is a process to do with the information

  • A typical proccess that now is done in an Excel sheet, and it is not enough

Go to List of Projects to see a complete list of proposals

Submit your idea

  1. Make a copy of the Project Idea in Google Docs: Click in the tab "File", and select the option "Make a copy" (In spanish: Archivo->Hacer una copia)

  2. In the copy you did, complete online the texts in boxes, you don't have to download it

  3. Send the link by Slack to @Carlos or by email to [email protected]

Your obligations

Once your project has ben selected by the students you should:

  1. Prepare product specifications in detail: prepare a speech to explain to the team your project idea and vision, and all the documents, links, etc, that can be helpful for the team

  2. Join the Kick-off Meeting: Check the calendar of the assigned course and join the Kick-off meeting

  3. Answer product questions: the team has a Slack channel (if you don't know it is like a Whatsapp for teams) to talk offline during the week, so they can make you questions about the project or ask for a team meeting if needed

Student's Project Ideas

Some students may have some ideas about projects that they would like to complete for their Final Project. Before the Final Project starts, ideas should be gathered and fully specified before the start of the first week.

A good project should:

  • Show all of the skills the student has learnt at MigraCode so far

  • Be large enough that four people can work on it for 6 weeks and still have work to do

  • Be something that the student is passionate about

  • Be innovative and could have a future use

  • Be interesting to employers

  • Solve a real world problem that you have faced in the past or at MigraCode

Submit your idea

  1. Make a copy of the Student Project Idea in Google Docs: Click in the tab "File", and select the option "Make a copy"

  2. In the copy you did, complete online the texts in boxes, you don't have to download it

  3. Send the link by email to [email protected]

Selection of project ideas

After gathering the projects description from NGOs and students, Migracode Team, mentors and students will vote the best projects to achieve, giving priority to NGOs and social impact projects.

Project Proposals List


  • BeeldBuddy, by University of Utrecht: this application allows, social work students connect and match with a volunteer, called Buddy. This site originated from the consequences that the corona virus has on students and people with a request for help. ["EXECUTED"]


  • DropApp for OCC – OCCycling, by OCC Greece: a platform to manage the free bicycle provision service given by OCC in a refugee camp in Greece to allow them to go to the city ["IN EXECUTION"]

  • Refugees asylum cases management system, by Mobile Info Team: Platform to manage in a digital way, enquiries from refugees and asylum seekers, related to the asylum process in Greece as well as relocation family reunification to other European Countries ["IN EXECUTION"]

  • Human resource management system, by Global {M}: A platform to manage employee’s payroll, holidays, performance management, reviews. As well as have somewhere to store the handbook for the firm. ["IN EXECUTION"]

  • SiHub, by Thony Nava: SiHub is an online tool for sharing and forking CAD/EDA projects with the approachof developing production-level products that can be sold through the platform aswell ["


  • Programa de control y supervision de personas en residencia de mayores, by Ricardo Soliz y Jorge Ricardo Soliz Rueda: Desarrollar un programa de control y supervision de personas en residencia de mayores tanto para personas ingresadas como personas de residencia de día ["IN EXECUTION"]

Future Courses

  •, by Ramin Keshavarzi: A website to search supplement for athletics but specialized in positions where the gym, athlete need the supplement in less than 1 day ["PENDING FOR APPROVAL"]

  • Art fundraising for refugees, by Ali Raza Ashraf: The Idea is to make a fundraising website for Arts (painting, drawing etc) work for an NGO "OPEN CULTURAL CENTER ["PENDING FOR APPROVAL"]