Slack Information

Slack is our main communication tool. Any help you need or any questions you have: communicate them via Slack! Many tech companies also use Slack and it’s a huge advantage to have Slack skills when you apply for jobs in tech.

An introduction video

Main Channels in the MigraCode Slack

  • Class channel (i.e. #jan2021-1-en) The one we use to share information for your group and that we use during the classes

  • #all-students Useful news messages specifically for MigraCode students

  • #general General news messages for everyone that is part of MigraCode (students, volunteers, staff)

  • #support-technical To ask for technical help with your homework

  • #support-employability To ask for help with improving your CV/LinkedIn/Etc.

  • #random Jokes, memes and nice articles or videos!

  • #recreation-activities Not used now due to Covid, but soon to be used to organise nice activities together

  • #job-offers-junior Not to be used in the beginning of MigraCode but after a few months we'll use it to find job opportunities

Useful Slack tips

  • Use THREADS (Hilos) to reply to messages, and find replies to your active threads on the top right (a nice video with more details here)

  • Put a clear display name and a clear profile picture (info on how to edit your profile here)

  • Confirm messages by leaving an Emoji (how to do so check here)

  • I will save important messages by adding them to 'Pinned Items' (more info how to find them here)

  • Create a private/direct message with the round button on the top left of the screen (more info here)