Call for Volunteers

Types of Volunteers

Team Instructor// Scrum Master

Time Commitment: One day a week class meeting (2-3 hours) plus ~4 hours during the week, for 7 weeks

Main tasks: Scrum Masters are expected to coordinate the team and make sure everyone knows what they are working on. They can provide support in:

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Working with the team to create and update tasks on Trello

  • Introducing and enforcing Agile practices (e.g. sprint planning, retros)

Assignment: each Team Mentor // Scrum Master will be assigned to 1 Team of 3-4 students

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designers are spread across multiple teams

UI/UX'ers will provide their expertise in supporting the UI/UX students in each team. The can provide support in

  • Developing simple UI for the applications

  • Providing support on answering UX issues

  • Giving advice on how to better design an application to our teams

Technical Advisor

Time Commitment: ~4 hours during the week

Teaching assistant provide technical support to the students as they are developing their projects. They can provide support in

  • Architecture of the application

  • Helping to solve specific implementation problems

  • Helping to solve specific bugs or errors

  • Providing overview of the entire project

How to apply?

Check the Calendar and if it suits you and you want to help join us!

Contact Carlos by Slack #Carlos or by email [email protected]